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SQUADRA FARM also breeds top-class German Shepherd & Golden Retrievers dogs in the name of SQUADRA KENNEL. We are a family-owned, professional German shepherd & Golden Retriever breeders. Our breeding program dogs come with clear head character, safe nature, and stable nerves. We are so confident in our breeding program.


Our selection process is the result of years of love and understanding of breeds that are unsurpassed in their ability to accomplish any task they are given. Our dogs are trained, tested, and certified. All of our dogs undergo rigorous health testing before we decide to breed with them, and we take great care in matching our pairs.


All our dogs have excellent temperaments and are healthy and well socialized so are perfect for breeding, working, and pets. All are veterinary checked at regular intervals. We strive to breed beautiful, social, versatile, and healthy dogs that can succeed in whatever their owner choose for them. Whether you are looking for a protector for the family, a sporting dog, a K9 for law enforcement, or your next beauty champion that meets the breed standard.


For more information please Contact us.

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