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SQUADRA Farm is engaged in Integrated Agriculture and Cattle Business that involved sharing superior livestock genetics in the propagation of an ongoing integrated and sustained mass reproduction of hybrid/non-hybrid offspring to institute innovative and profitable Livestock & for Meat.

We are a breeding haven of full-blood local country goats from India, from our PROFITABLE PROGRAM by introducing upgraded goat breeds for rehoming and livestock farming. We are committed to executing our advocacy to achieve sustainable and affordable food production for every Indian.

We breed and produce well-muscled goats with a high meat-to-bone ratio, superb meat quality, and carcass configuration using ground-breaking goat production research practices. We extensively rear our pasture-fed goats under the highest welfare standards and regularly invite our goat meat customers to visit our farm to see first-hand the care and attention that goes into producing our goat meat.

SQUADRA FARM Goats are the masters of regenerative agriculture, who selectively browse the invasive weeds and help to increase biodiversity. They have a lower carbon footprint than many other livestock, their meat has a higher nutritional value, they eliminate non-native weeds, and help recycle trace minerals back to the surface soil. Learn more about the environmental benefits of goats and the health benefits of their unique meat.

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