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SQUADRA FARM is an Integrated Organic Farm and is part of the SQUADRA Group of Companies from Chennai, TN, India. SQUADRA FARM is changing the world through groundbreaking innovation, design, and the circular economy. Our ambition is to fight climate change, produce renewable energy, and solve increasing food demand and waste accumulations challenges.


SQUADRA FARM is a leading global manufacturer & supplier of bulk organic fertilizers, and the organic agriculture industry; delivers organic Vegetables, Fruits, Herbs, Flowers, Greens, and Plants, and raising the country Goats & Sheep’s breeds for Livestock, Meat, and other additional purposes. And we also breed top-class German Shepherd & Golden Retrievers dogs in the name of SQUADRA KENNEL.


SQUADRA FARM - Organic products cover all the needs of food demand in the way of the organic integrated farm. And share our commitment to protect the environment, and ENRICH THE NATURE.


Our products are natural, safe, and effective, repel effectively pests and insects, and help you grow delicious and natural foods, free of harmful substances. Our philosophy is to deliver the highest quality of products, within on-time shipments, and competitive prices, always providing the best customer service experience. All our natural organic products are proudly MADE IN INDIA

Organic Fertilizers & Boosters

The SQUADRA FARM provides - regenerative Organic Fertilizer resource management - means valuable nutrients are diverted from landfills. Instead of going to waste, these nutrients are returned to the soil, where they came from.

SQUADRA FARM specializes in improving and regenerating soil functions including soil structure, biological diversity and activity, humus levels, cation exchange capacity, and adding bio-stimulants such as gibberellins and auxins to boost root growth.



Organic waste Collection

If you are having a supermarket, or you are Fruit & Vegetable seller, hotel, or business that produces organic, paper, or kitchen organic waste then we'd love to take it off your hands. Your Organic waste gets picked up and transported to our SQUADRA FARM - the produced worm casts can be brought back to you or a local garden or your project for a nominal cost.


Our compost and soil-dwelling worms are gently hand-picked from our earthworm beds and packaged with their 'home' bedding. The packaged worms and their bedding are immediately sent to you, ready to move into their new home as soon as they arrive.

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SQUADRA Farm is engaged in Integrated Agriculture and Cattle Business that involved sharing superior livestock genetics in the propagation of an ongoing integrated and sustained mass reproduction of hybrid/non-hybrid offspring to institute innovative and profitable Livestock & for Meat.

We are a breeding haven of full-blood local country goats from India, from our PROFITABLE PROGRAM by introducing upgraded goat breeds for rehoming and livestock farming. We are committed to executing our advocacy to achieve sustainable and affordable food production for every Indian.

Squadra Kennel

SQUADRA FARM also breeds top-class German Shepherd & Golden Retrievers dogs in the name of SQUADRA KENNEL. We are a family-owned, professional German shepherd & Golden Retriever breeders. Our breeding program dogs come with clear head character, safe nature, and stable nerves. We are so confident in our breeding program.

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